Friday, December 28, 2012

We Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming ...

I will be so glad to see life-as-I-know-it resume after this holiday season.

Early to bed. Early to rise. Regular routines. Regular TV programming (I am so sick and tired of holiday movies that I could almost scream). Work ...

Yes! Even work. An appropriate balance of work, play, family, friends and quiet is paramount to my inner sense of happy.

I went into this holiday feeling guilty that I actually felt that I needed this break after (not even) four months into my new and improved daycare career. I thought that I had found the answer to my work challenges, yet I was craving a holiday.

Perhaps I needed the break for different reasons than one usually looks forward to vacation time. The years that preceded this one were rather stressful ones. I was working. But I didn't have job stability. I had time off. But I didn't know how long it would last. I could have been called to work any time. Or I may not be called to work when the 'holiday' was over.

So I am trying to give myself a break for this dire need for a break from my routine in the middle of this long, cold winter.

I am almost anticipating the return of my regularly scheduled life that revolves around my daycare family. I have one new child scheduled to start next week. A new personality to fit into our lives. A new dimension to add to our little family. A new challenge ...

I do best when I have an appropriate balance of challenge to overcome in my life. This habit/need may have been perpetuated by the years of drama that preceded these peaceful ones.

There is an inner sense of knowing that I always end up in a better place than I started, when I am faced with a challenge. I wonder if my subconscious mind creates the need for obstacles to overcome so that I can feel victorious when I come out the other side.

My holiday has rejuvinated me. I am actually anticipating getting back to life-as-I-know-it so that I can overcome this inner sense of restlessness.

I am ready, world! This must be the year that I overcome the doubts that have been taking over my thinking.

I am ready to move out of the season of Holiday Specials and return to our Regularly Scheduled Programming!

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