Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Day Like Any Other. Before ...

I didn't have much contact with the outside world yesterday. No one called. I sent off one email. I wrote a letter. I made one (business) call.

I delivered flyers after the kids left ... but this is the first time in the past few weeks that I wasn't racing against the clock to get the job done because I had places to go and people to see.

I didn't go anywhere or see anyone at the day's end. It was a day just like any other day ... prior to the Christmas holidays.

There has been a sense of flurry of emotion and activity these past weeks. What I have felt has been nothing compared to that which my aunt's family must be going through since she walked into the hospital two weeks and two days ago ... and never came home.

It feels empty to walk through a day without purpose. It was a day like any other. Before ...

This is where the feeling of loss seeps into one's day-to-day world. Once the rest of the world carries on as it did before. Minus one.

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