Thursday, February 14, 2013

Whatever This Day is to You ... I Wish You 'Happy'!

'Happy Valentine's Day'! Happier 'We-Are-Half-Way-Through-February Day'!! For me? It is 'Happy Feet Day'!

My long awaited podiatrist appointment is tonight.

I get to skip my dance lesson and tend to my tender tootsies instead. I have been counting down the number-of-flyer-deliveries left before my appointment for several weeks now.

Despite what felt like blizzard conditions, as I delivered flyers in snow and wind (32 kph) last night, all I could think of was that I must make it to my out-of-town (a fifteen minute drive) appointment tonight.

Whatever this day is to you ... may it be simply be a happy one. Pamper yourself and give yourself a small gift of whatever-it-is that you need the most.

I am not big on the hype of Valentine's Day. But I am big on making the little things count in life. May you turn this day into whatever kind of day you want it to be ...

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