Thursday, February 28, 2013

Zero to Sixty

Snippet from a conversation with Mom on Sunday:

Mom: You sound good ...
Me: Yes. I am. I'm busy.
Mom: (something like) ... busy is good.
Me: Yes, but it feels like I've gone from 'Zero to Sixty' in the blink of an eye ...

As I told my Middle Son about this conversation later, I added:

Me: ...but I'd rather go 'forty'
Middle Son: No. Sixty is good!

I thought about this five second conversation with my son (he is definitely exceeding the speed limit these days as work on the basement for their new home has been in the works for the past few weekends), and I thought to myself - he is right. 'Sixty' is good.

It is just when I speed up to a hundred to fit in the good stuff, that I feel just a little busier than I would like to be. But the good things in life are worth the speeding ticket.

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