Friday, March 22, 2013

Life's Ebbs and Flows

I feel the need to write something deep and insightful after yesterday's inane post. But I'm feeling a tad shallow today. Honestly? I'm feeling more than a little bit grouchy. Is that allowed?

Such are the ebbs and flows and life.

The week started with a sense of satisfaction after a productive weekend.

Monday was full of hope as I sent off my resume and writing samples to various newspapers across the land. I love the feeling of stepping out and taking a chance while a certain degree of hopefulness lingers in the air.

Tuesday was utter elation as I corresponded with some publications who decided to take a chance on me. To top that off, there was good news in my daycare world when a family called me to tell me that they have chosen me to take care of their daughter (in January).

Wednesday, I was gliding back down to earth. It was a gentle slide down a small slope. I was full of elation and joy as I wrote about the days that preceded my return to life-as-I-know-it.

All joy was lost when I had to deliver flyers in what (at the time) seemed like extreme winter weather, in a winter that has gone on far too long (until I heard about the truly extreme weather other cities/provinces were dealing with yesterday).

Thursday was a day of unrest. My daycare family is in drastic need of a true diversion from our day-to-day life indoors (as we await the return of moderate weather where we can go outside again). There was crying involved. It wasn't me, but I knew how my little girls felt. They were probably channelling my inner feelings. They cried hard. They cried like they have never cried before. It was a long day.

Which brings me to today - Friday. I think I've cycled through the whole realm of emotions this week. From contentment and satisfaction ... to ambition and hopefulness ... to elation and joy ... to acceptance and appreciation ... to reality, such as it is.

My reality is good.

In writing about the ebbs and flows in the week I have identified that-which-is-good and that-which-is-not ... and it is up to me to act on what I know.

I know that my sense of happiness comes from 'being present' in my days. When I sit down and focus all of my attention on what I am doing, I am in a place of joyfulness. Whether it is sitting in the middle of the living room and tending to my little daycare family ... or writing ... or visiting with someone. I need to focus my attention fully on the task at hand to fully appreciate the moment.

Enjoy the small moments of your day and the day takes care of itself. It is time for me to go and take my own advice...

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