Sunday, March 31, 2013

Listen to the Radio ...

"Oowatanite" by April Wine was the song that sang out to me this afternoon and I followed where those thoughts took me ...

1977 was the year. I spent hours listening to the album "Forever for Now" with my high school best friend in the basement of her parent's home. We confided our innermost thoughts, swooned to the music and dreamed of life outside of that which we knew.

Our lives took us in separate directions after high school, but we reconnected as the years went on. We never ever completely lost touch, but we definitely connected on a different level when her marriage started to end.

When that song from our connected past played on the radio this afternoon, I made myself promise to call her as soon as I got home and settled in for the night. And I did ...

The moment she heard my voice and I asked the question, "And how are you?? ..." she started talking. And talking.

"Oh, you caught me at a bad moment ..." was her immediate reaction to the words that fell off her tongue. And that was just the beginning.

She had so very, very much to say. And because of my own life experiences that are vividly fresh in my mind, I could relate to her on absolutely every level that she was explaining to me. Because I had just lived through what she was talking about.

When she started talking about the good stuff going on in her world, it made me smile. She had just spent the afternoon listening to music that spoke to her soul. All these years later, she is still very much that teenage girl who is moved to the core by music and all that it makes her feel.

When I mentioned that it was a song by April Wine that played on the radio today and spurred on my call, she said that she had recently purchased that exact same CD because she 'lost it in the divorce'. She simply had to replace it. So she did. She could see it from where she sat at that very moment.

We bonded over music a few lifetimes ago. A song brought the memory of the friendship that we shared to mind today. So I called. I am glad that I did.

If you are thinking of someone, tell them. Reach out in some fashion. I think that you will be glad that you did.

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