Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eight More to Go

I have handed in my notice. I am so ready for this to be over. I am willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to see this through. I will deliver my last flyer/newspaper by April 27th.

From the moment that I finally made the call to give them the required one month notice, I was ready to let go. I waited one month too long.

The elation that I felt eight months ago is all but a distant memory. Oh, I remember the feeling. It felt a little bit wonderful to be back in my element, walking through my neighborhood and talking with my neighbors on those warm, sunny summer days.

Since that time, I have walked through wind, rain, snow, sleet, Arctic winter temperatures, ice and puddles. Of all of the aforementioned walking conditions, the spring thaw is the worst. If I don't end up in a puddle before my reign is through, I will be happy (and perhaps a little bit surprised).

Initially, I was thrilled to get paid to exercise. Weight bearing exercise to boot. Eight months in? I am beginning to think that the weight of all of those flyers (they just keep getting heavier now that all of the merchants are advertising for the spring and summer seasons ahead) is compacting my spine. My joints, my back, my flexibility and my thumbs (?!??) are not what they were prior to this little money-making exercise scheme of mine.

Now? I will give up whatever is necessary to make this financial sacrifice work. Dancing. Take-out food. Extra-curricular spending. Groceries....

I am so over you, flyers! I have eight more delivery dates to endure. Then I will celebrate by not going out dancing or spending frivolously. I will celebrate each time that I move with ease.

Good riddance, flyers. I will be grateful to see the end of you...

**P.S. A huge, huge thank you to my Middle Son who rescued me yesterday. Not only did he deliver the 'third' of the flyers that are the furthest away from home for me (before my daycare family left for the day) but ... he also assembled our supper for us while I was out completing the job. When I came home, supper was ready and waiting for me. Though I was tired and grumpy at the end of the day, not having to worry about supper at the end of a day-such-as-I-had was the best gift I could have ever hoped for.**

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