Saturday, May 4, 2013

Listen to the Silence

Moments from my morning-thus-far ...

I stepped out into the hallway this morning and was greeted by our cat who was waiting for an early morning massage. He stretched out before me and rolled and purred and enjoyed the moments of human contact.

Our little miracle senior cat seems to have bounced back to his former state of health. He is showing us his kitten-like ways on a semi-regular basis. He is up to the occasional game of 'tag/hide run & seek' with My Youngest. He is making every attempt to sneak outside. His fur is shiny and his appetite is back. It has taken months ... but I feel like he has worked his way through whatever was ailing him.

I love the quiet morning greeting from our most favorite cat in the world. It is a most excellent way to start a Saturday morning.

Our home is still asleep this morning. It has been a very long time since I woke up to a Saturday morning such as this (ALL paper and flyer route deliveries from this address have ceased as of April 30th). It is a little bit wonderful.

The job of delivering papers brought an element of goodness to our lives, but we have learned our lessons, paid a few bills and are moving on. It is beneficial when we can get paid to exercise and breathe fresh air. It also places demands upon a person that reap few rewards other than those you create for yourself.

There was an air of hectic-ness that oozed through our lives these past six+ months of delivering papers/flyers. This morning? It is gone. And it feels good. It feels very good.

I have no place that I must be or nothing that I must do today. My Youngest hesitantly asked me if I would be too busy this weekend to see 'Iron Man 3' with him. I am free as a bird and now I have a date to go and see a movie with my son today. And it is good.

I ache for non-working weekends. But where I am is where I need to be. So I will appreciate and revel in the opportunity that I have been given, to diversify my income and work experience. Bookkeeping on the side has been part of my 'retirement plan'. I am beyond blessed that this job has come knocking on my door and I will follow this road for as far as it takes me.

Working on Sundays help me appreciate my Saturdays. I can appreciate my Saturdays ever-so-much-more now that I don't have flyer deliveries to squeeze in, within the Friday and Saturday night deadlines.

The sun is shining. The sky is blue. The day is mine. To do with, as I please. Soaking up a little bit of sunshine, with a book in my hand and a wine cooler at my side sounds blissful. Now if only I had a comfy spot to curl up on, on our newly finished deck ....

A person must keep dreaming. Dream of the little things that you wish to bring into your day today. Invite a little sunshine and bliss into your day and come join me for the ride.

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