Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Days After a Long Weekend

My weekend caught up with me yesterday. In so many ways...

A person can't be around sick people for two+ weeks straight without starting to feel a little rotten yourself. Yesterday was my day. I think that perhaps I am imagining it but I simply felt off. It all started when I couldn't drink my second cup of coffee in the morning. The rest of the day may simply be a result of caffeine withdrawal. All I know is that I had a little nap myself during the kid's rest time yesterday. And I was quite happy to crawl into bed before 8:00 last night. And my stomach still feels wrong this morning. I googled my symptoms and I can't find any good reason why I feel this way. So I must be imagining it. I feel better already.

There has been a virus travelling around this house and it seems to be hitting each of the over-3-year-olds a little bit differently. My mom went home on Sunday still feeling under the weather (an awful cough and a 'funny' head). My Middle Son has strep throat. My Youngest Son has a sore throat (not strep) caused by a virus. I have a funny stomach (see? I told you I must be imagining it - it does not fit the pattern). The one thing that I am feeling almost certain of is that I don't think that the kids had the measles. I think some other viral disease was making its rounds.

I enjoyed my second non-working-weekend in a row this past long weekend. I was a small bit elated when I got the news that I didn't have to work this weekend but instead will work longer next weekend. Bring it on! I would so much rather work twice as long one day and get a different day off.

I filled the weekends with 'stuff'. This past weekend my goal was to take advantage of garage sales to stock up my outdoor toy selection for the kids. I had a great deal of success with my mission. The downside is that I also had a lot of toys to clean. And organize. I shuffled the toys around in the basement, on the main floor and in the play house. I am ready, Summer. Bring it on!!

I had hoped to sit down with a book on our newly acquired lawn swing, on our newly finished deck at some point this weekend. The closest that I got was sitting down with a book on the love seat, with the one hour that I had suggested that My Son work on his homework before we went to see a movie. I read a chapter. Then I slept ... It is truly no wonder that I have six books sitting around the house with bookmarks in (about) the one chapter mark. My goal this summer? Is to learn how to read without sleeping.

As has become my new norm, I was ever-grateful for the return of my work week yesterday morning. Every first-day-back after the weekend has become one of my favorite days of the week. And for this? I am grateful. So very, very grateful ...

The sun is shining down upon us this bright and sunny Wednesday morning. My Son & His Girlfriend's house move is slated for today. Let this day bring only good things their way. This is not too much to ask. Is it?

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