Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Power of Intention

I tried writing earlier this morning, but my thoughts were scattered and my words didn't tell the story of my mind. All I can say is ... thank goodness.

I deleted paragraphs of words, wrote an email to My Brother (please delete and forgive me?) and read an email that arrived this morning.

It was an email of an inspirational kind. It was brief and to the point. It should have held my interest. But it didn't. There were three words that caught my eye: "The Power of Intention" ...

I googled those words and knew that I was not up to reading this morning, so I clicked on a YouTube video. The speaker was Wayne Dyer. I have had at least two people on two separate occasions refer me to his books or talks on PBS. I just didn't follow through. I tried. But I didn't have the attention span to absorb what he had to say over the course of his fundraising talks on public television (sorry).

I started by watching this video: . It is ten minutes long and this morning ... it spoke to me. So I invested 51 minutes of my Sunday morning to watch this: .

It was well worth the time spent. For me. Today. I am short on time this morning but just thought I'd drop off this suggestion here this morning. Follow-up to follow on a day when I have more time.

The amazing part of this entire experience this morning was when I heard the last few minutes of Mr. Dyer's 51 minute video. I have been quoting this story of his for years as "something I once heard". Your words have been within me all along, Wayne Dyer. I have been following the path that I must have heard a very long time ago. As I wrote down the 10 Principles, it was as if I had been subconsciously living my life in my own version of this all along. I must have absorbed his words long ago but had no idea what my 'source' was.

Now I know. Now I will listen more carefully. Onward ...

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