Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Cancelled Day!

I love spur of the moment days! A day without any preconceived idea of where it may go is my most favorite kind of day in the world!

I woke up feeling rotten. I was going to call in sick. I didn't want to spread what I thought that I may have to my boss (who has been under a great deal of stress and I would imagine that she could be very vulnerable to catching a bug) ...

I really, really didn't want to go to work. Feeling rotten was just an excuse. I just wanted to stay home.

Then, miraculously I felt better an hour later. The mere idea of going in to work on a Sunday didn't tip the balance of the day. I could do this thing. I really could.

I gave myself one more hour of indulging my 'Gilmore Girls' addiction. I would call at 9:00 and confirm that today was a 'go'. I was ready to work.

I called and my boss had pneumonia. She sounded pretty awful and she didn't feel up to working today. She asked if I would mind cancelling today and coming next Sunday instead. Mind?!? I was in heaven!

I celebrated by making myself a third cup of coffee. I was still drinking it when a friend dropped by and I could actually invite them in for a visit. I wasn't running out the door! I could stop and visit with someone I hadn't talked to in ages. I love spontaneous decisions such as those.

Eventually my Second Son got up and joined in on the conversation. Our visit lasted much longer than any one of us may have anticipated. And it could! Because the day was footloose and fancy free!

After my company left, I continued to savor my last cup of coffee and chatted with My Son. Eventually he noticed our neighbor cutting down the weeds behind our fence in the alley. This same neighbor had sprayed my weeds earlier in the week but I was busy with the kids and didn't have the chance to talk with him. So I ran out to apologize for the weeds running out of control and to thank him for taking care of our mess back there (and promised to keep it up myself from here on).

We chatted for quite some time and by the time I made it back into the house, My Son and His Girlfriend had made breakfast. All four of us sat together at the kitchen table and savored our meal. We used to do this on a semi-sorta-regular basis. I can't remember the last time we sat down and ate a Sunday brunch together (that wasn't Christmas or because my mom was here). It was ... fantastic. It was ever so much more special because it is simply something we rarely do these days.

Eventually we all went our separate ways and carried on with our Sunday.

I was sufficiently nourished, caffeinated and motivated. I got myself busy and I simply didn't stop. All day. I took care of a few nasty little jobs that I have wanted to do for ages. Today was the perfect day to tackle the impossible. It was a day I wasn't counting on. It was a bonus day. At last, I could get some bonus work done!

Since I was already dusty and dirty, it was a most excellent day to mow the lawn. It feels wonderful to shower at the end of a day that is filled with productivity, a little sweat and grime.

It felt so very, very good to cross a few dirty jobs off of my to-do-list. If I had gone to work as planned today, none of the above would have happened. None of it. Well ... I would have showered. But that shower would have felt like a job. Not like a reward!

I simply could not have planned a better day. I am very grateful for today's last minute cancellation. It brought a sense of spontaneity into the day that will sustain and energize me throughout the week ahead.

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