Monday, June 24, 2013

Cooking is Bad for My Economy

I tried to do the right thing last night. I 'cooked'...

I invested fifteen minutes of my time and $30.75 of my hard earned cash at the grocery store after a full day at work. I finally arrived home at 5:55 p.m.

I washed and cut up lettuce. I rinsed off and sliced a few tomatoes. I cut several slices of cheese. I cooked up some bacon and brought out some cold cuts. I sliced up some sub buns. Forty five minutes later, we had some pretty slim pickings to create a sub sandwich.

Forty five minutes!! I could have taken those fifteen minutes that I wasted in the grocery store and gone to a drive-thru restaurant, invested $11.95 on two take-out meals and been home and finished eating in the time that it took me to come up with a rather lack lustre meal.

Thirty dollars!! Granted, I bought groceries for tonight's supper and the sub-leftovers will take us through lunch today. But thirty dollars? I could have picked up (almost) three take-out meals-for-two for little more than that.

My rule of thumb when it comes to cooking: "If it takes longer to create the meal, than it does to eat it ... don't make it!"

Forty five minutes invested in a meal that took five minutes to consume (and My Son was still hungry) equates to bad economics in my books.

It's no wonder I don't do this too often ...

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