Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Holding on to the Moment

One down ... three to go. And the way that 'one' went, it will feel like I blinked three times and My Youngest will be graduating from high school.

I know, I know. Three years is not going to happen over night.

First of all, we must survive the 'learner driver' year. I'm gearing up for it. I am remembering the past and forgetting it all at the same time. The past is not an indicator of the future. If it is anything like mutual funds or the stock market, I am due for a good year.

Did you see how fast that year flew by?

After that year, he will be halfway done his high school years. He will be an independent driver (one would assume) and quite likely working at a part time job. He will be driving. And working. And well on his way to finding out what the-world-outside-of-school-and-home feels like.

A new perspective on his world could change him. Or not. No matter which way it goes from here, he will be taking steps of independence away from the world within these four walls. The third year will probably be a little bit like that.

I can see the fourth year speeding past us already. He will be focused on life beyond high school. He will have his sights set on his future and he will be making life changing decisions. If he pursues the goals that he has had in mind the past few years, he will know exactly where he is going. And he will have the ability to drive himself there.

Yes. This is just one year. The 'rest of his story' will unfold in its on time. I will look at him today in the exact same way I have looked at him all of the years that have preceded this one. And I will be grateful ... that for now ... for tomorrow ... he is happy simply because I am working from home. He will wake up in a house that is filled with other people's children. And he will make a difference in our days. Just by being here.

This past year flew by much too quickly. I hope the seconds tick a little slower for a while. I want to sit still and hang onto the moment for just a little while longer.

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