Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's Not Too Late to Save the Week

I talked a lot this past weekend. It is haunting me this week. Because I focused on that-which-was-not-uplifting in my life.

It was little things. It was what I chose to harp on that made such a difference. In the aftermath of the weekend ... all I see, hear and feel is negative. That is where my attention has been drawn, so it has created more of the same this week.

Every day you wake up. Every moment of the day you are living. You have choices. It is all about where you place your energy.

I can wake up in the middle of the night and feel awful. Maybe I'm coming down with something. Maybe it is an ache from abusing the way I use my body. In the middle of the night, the discomfort is all consuming. I have nothing else to distract me, so all that I feel is the pain-of-that-moment.

Oh, the number of times that I have quietly celebrated the mere idea of being able to call in sick, after feeling so terrible during the night. Then I wake up in the morning.

I am up and out of bed and going through my routines-of-the-day long before I notice that I am no longer feeling badly enough to be able to stay home from work. My focus has shifted to life-all-around-me and suddenly the intensity of whatever it was that woke me up in the middle of the night is gone.

Obviously I don't have many health or chronic pain issues to contend with. I know and appreciate just how fortunate that I am. But it is a little back-story as to what I'm trying to say here this morning.

What I focus on, is what I bring into my day. I know this. Yet this week I am letting little things play havoc with my focus.
  • It's raining. Again. Still!
  • My (almost) three-year-old is talking like a baby. Again. Still!
  • One of my parents is late and not calling. Again!
  • I don't know what to make for supper. Again.
  • There is a wet dish rag in the sink. Again.
  • I'm tired. Again. Still!!
  • And the list goes on...
Today? We are going to go out and play in the rain. The wetter, the better. Bring it on!

Today? I am going to focus on talking to my (almost) three-year-old in a fashion to encourage him to show me just how smart he is.

Today? I will expect my parent to be late. If she shows up on time, I will celebrate.

Today? I know what I am making for supper. I just have to remember what it was when supper time rolls around ...

Today? If there is a wet dish rage in the sink, I will wring it out. I can do these things. Truly, I can.

Today? I will move. I will create energy within and stay awake. Besides, I have missed almost every Gilmore Girl episode this week because I have slept through nap-time.

Today? I will do better. I will focus on that-which-is-good. I will write it down.

Today? I will shift my focus. I will.

P.S. As if the powers-that-be-in-the-universe knew that I needed to shift my focus, this is a blog post that I was meant to read today. I suggest you read it too. Today? I will be awesome!!
Blog - Life With Greyson & Parker - "Being Awesome"

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