Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Cat's Got My Tongue Today ...

I can't think too hard this morning. I tried. It isn't working.

What do I do when I have moments like this? I lose myself watching our cats ...

You never know what you may capture when you videotape animals and children. This was simply a moment when I noticed 'Ray' (our New Cat) chasing his tail. It is nothing. But it is everything.

Cats have a way of quietly amusing themselves. Whether it is watching invisible dust particles in the air ... or gazing out the window ... or simply curled up in a tight little ball and making 'sleep' look like a sport ... I simply love to watch our cat(s).

Yesterday morning there was a moment of flying black fur that happened too fast to record. Ray was racing around the living room. Andre (our Old Cat) was doing his best impression of playing. For the most part, he stays in one place while Ray races past him.

Picture this:
  • A young, black furball races around the living room
  • An older, more laid back version of the same ball of fur lays in wait
  • The young one races over the back of the loveseat and takes a flying leap off of it, towards the runway (hall) ahead
  • The older one watches the action and then takes a flying leap into the air to try and tag the cat flying overhead
  • Then they were off ...
Cat got your tongue? Just sit back and watch nature at play. There is so much to see when you look out your front door (that is, if you don't have your own animal kingdom indoors).

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