Monday, June 17, 2013

The Long Term Forecast

It was a weekend that was focused on family...

My Oldest Sister and I went out to see My Brother's Daughter perform at her final dance recital of the year. My Second Sister was at home and on call to be of assistance for my Mom's Sister and Her Daughter. It was truly a weekend where 'sisterhood' ruled.

The sky wept this weekend...

Life-as-we-know-it is changing. Life is always evolving. Sometimes it is subtle. Other times the shift is harsh and we don't know where the road ahead will take us.

When the rain comes down so hard and so fast that the windshield wipers on the car don't quite keep up, all you can do is keep your eyes on the road and tread slowly...

I looked at the five day weather forecast and if feels like it is forecasting the skies ahead for our family. "Overcast"; "Cloudy with sunny breaks"; "Isolated showers"; "Sunny with cloudy periods"; "Variable cloudy periods"; and "Rain"...

"Ninety percent chance of rain" ... only ninety percent. There is ten percent chance the sun could prevail. There is hope.

The sun is trying to peek out and shine. It is prevalent in the "14 Day Trend". I can feel My Aunt's fighting spirit trying to peek through the clouds.

I can barely hear My Mom's words through the downpour of rain she is preparing for.

Ninety percent chance of rain. It is simply the weather forecast. But it feels like so much more..

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