Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Weather Forecast - Do We Really Want to Know??

It is the calm before the storm...

Not really a storm. A storm would require hunkering down into survival mode. Battening down the hatches. Gathering all that you need and love close to you and holding them close. A protective mode. No. It is not a storm.

It is more like ... changeable weather conditions ahead.

I'm expecting company in just more than a handful of hours. My company has low expectations. They expect little more than a place to lie their head tonight and perhaps a cup of coffee with a side order of toast in the morning. Blessed are those who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.

We will wake up tomorrow morning and head towards our home town where we will gather with  family. These past few weekends, Mom's sisters seem to be drawing people family together no matter where they are in this universe. The reasons we gather may vary, but the result is being surrounded by family. And that is always a good thing.

I will not stop at home again before I head back for an overnighter at Mom's house after tomorrow's gathering. I am adopting her car and driving it back home on Monday. A six & a half hour drive west on Sunday, followed by a five hour drive in an eastward direction twelve hours later. Insert some time to sleep within that twelve hour lay-over at my mom's and it will be one tiring day.

Before my company arrives, I have errands to run (an anti-nausea patch is high on my list of priorities for the hours I must invest in being a passenger), some baking to do, a house to clean and laundry. Always laundry ...

I sat down on the couch first thing this morning and immediately fell back to sleep. And it was good. I started to move but I have made it no further than the computer desk. And that was good too.

This is the end of a four-week run of 'committed weekends'. When I flip over the calendar page in a few short days, I have nothing booked except for appointments. Dentist. Car. Vet. Doctor. Week day appointments!

Then there is my Sunday employment. I think that is the 'tipping point'. The mere idea of being available to work six days a week, every week ... exhausts me. Thankfully? It doesn't work for my employer either! So that seems to be working itself out.

I suppose that all of this busy-ness that surrounds my life these days makes me appreciate the precious hours of mornings such as this one. When I have too much time on my hands? I waste it. Life is teaching me a lesson that I need to learn.

Every day is precious. It is a gift. I am discovering that I much prefer to unwrap my days as they unfold.  Waking up to a committed calendar (an unwrapped gift) feels so much harder to me.

A friend sent me an email today telling me that she had "fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants" plans with a friend this upcoming weekend. Ahhhh ... my most favorite kind of blueprint for a day!

I know that I am lucky to have a full docket in this thing called 'life'. I would just prefer my calendar  be written in invisible ink. Knowing that each day has value and an agenda. But not knowing exactly what that was until the day revealed itself to me.

My leisure time has come to an end. I must make cat hair disappear and set up a bed. I must move forward with the momentum of the day and see what has been written in invisible ink within today's agenda.

My changeable weather forecast will soon be present weather conditions. I had best go put on some sun screen to prevent over exposure to the rays of sunshine that are sure to be beaming through this agenda called 'life'.

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