Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Today is Going to Be One of Those Days!

" 'Going with the flow' is a sign that the different parts of us are in harmony. We are more likely to dance and sing to life's music when we follow the guidance of our hearts. How do we tap into the heart? With every expression of gratitude, every moment in wonder, every respectful thought, every act of forgiveness and every loving touch." ~ from a Magical Moment inspirational email from Wayne Lee (quotations and tips by Higher Awareness)

Going with the flow ... whenever I find myself wavering on decisions and where I am at, I know that I am not following life's gentle lead.

Tapping into the heart? I have equated that ability to finding that sense of quietness where I can be still in body and mind and I hear that quiet but persistent inner voice guide me in the direction that I need to go.

But as my inspirational email suggests, we can find this with every:
  • expression of gratitude
  • moment of wonder
  • respectful thought
  • act of forgiveness
  • loving touch
I found myself completely and totally depleted when I woke up after my weekend. When I look at the way I spent yesterday, I did not appreciate these finer points of the day I was living.

I am surrounded by little people in my daycare world.

"Moments of wonder" are plentiful in my day. I know that I feel better about myself and my day when I shift my focus and see the world through a child's eyes.

I am teaching my daycare family manners ... but am I focused on gratitude? Those moments when I stop my world and fully appreciate an act of kindness within my little daycare family. Sometimes I do. Yesterday? I didn't.

Respectful thoughts... oh, how easy it is to become child-like (not in a good way), when you are surrounded by children all day. As my (almost) three-year-old walked in the door yesterday and started talking baby talk, I must confess. My thoughts were not respectful. Not respectful at all! And it went downhill from there.

Forgiveness. A child forgives and forgets. They forgive fully, totally and completely. Do I? Yesterday felt like a day where I focused on all of the wrong things. One can't hold a grudge against a child, but I found myself thinking time and time again, "Here we go again ..." (and not in a good way).

Loving touches. I am not a hugger. But I believe in the magical quality of touch. The 'touch' of a kind word. The touch of a hand on one's shoulder. A pat on the back. Even a gentleness in the way one handles themselves in a house full of preschoolers.

When my little people nestle in and cuddle with me, I know that I am holding precious cargo. I feel wonder in the moment. I am grateful for their presence in my world. I become one with them in the moment and I respect and appreciate each of them for who they are. All prior misdemeanors are forgiven. And forgotten. In that moment, it is wonderful (knowing that nap time is soon to follow doesn't hurt either).

Every day, we are given a chance for a do-over. Today is going to be one of those days. Today is a day to focus on life's small wonders, gratitude, forgiveness, respect and reaching out and 'touching' someone.

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