Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cat Therapy

I have heard that you can empty your brain of all conscious thought when gazing into a fire or watching the ocean. I am not terribly certain if my brain has ever been that quiet. But I have found my own way of removing excess thoughts from my mind. It is by watching our cats ...

It is the simplest of things that entertains me when it comes to our black, furry family:

How many ways can I continue to be amused at our Junior Cat's preference for laying on his back?
... or both cats 'snuggling' (this is about as good as it gets)
... or Junior Cat's dog-like qualities as he 'begs' to take a cat treat out of my hand after a nasty liquid medicine treatment (the white spray on his chest is medicine - he is quite the drama king when it comes to taking medicine)
Then there is our Senior Cat's simple enjoyment of life's small pleasures ... such as hanging out in the front yard (and catching a few extra beams of warmth by laying beside the truck tire)
Or our Senior Cat tuning out the world around him as he assumes the 'time out' position in our toy cupboard ...
... then I heard a clunking sound in the same cupboard and found our Senior Cat trying to lay on his back like he has seen Junior Cat do on many occasions

My Second Son has voiced a few complaints about our Junior Cat. One of them being that he keeps losing his ear plugs. The orange looks very good on black when 'Junior' grabs the ear plug in his mouth to carry it about the house
Junior Cat makes this pose look comfortable no matter where in the world he is ...
Senior Cat is just a big kid at heart ... I think my daycare family, the toys, the activity and ever-changing scenery around here takes him back to happy memories of his younger years 
Our Senior Cat weighs in three pounds lighter and nine years older ... but when it comes to Cat Wrestling? He is reigning champ and Junior Cat knows it.  The purely submissive nature of our bigger, younger, more agile and energetic 'kitten' is endearing. I think that our Senior Cat is having a hard time disliking him because he is so darned likeable. (I like the self satisfied body language of 'I win again!'  at the end of this clip)

I started this post feeling just a little bit blue and listless. I have spent the better part of two hours looking at cat photos and videos that have accumulated over the past month. You will be happy to know that I have attached only a small portion of all that I have been enjoying...

But do you know what? I feel better. It was a little bit like gazing into a fire. My mind focused only on the simple pleasures that I reap from our little cat family.

A little Cat Therapy was all that I needed. May you find your equivalent of 'staring into an ocean' to bring some peace into your thoughts today ...

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