Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hatless and Lovin' It

I should have planned today one day earlier. I hit a plateau yesterday that I couldn't rise above, before the day's end. So I wasted the better part of a day. My bad ...

Instead of completing what I had set out to do, I called up an aunt and made arrangements to get together and visit with my uncle (Dad's brother) on Monday. I will bring a first draft of Our Book along with me, in whatever form it is in, on Monday morning.

I called my mom. I had sequestered myself and made her feel like she couldn't call. Though I knew that she would call if there was anything important going on, I heeded my instincts and called her. All is well ... and that is good. She was concerned about her sister when we last spoke and I just wanted to check in. So I did.

Then! Just when I needed it the most, I received an email from my uncle in Ontario. He was instrumental in encouraging me to go ahead with this Book Project and he was the first uncle I interviewed in the quest for family memories. He responded to an email that I had sent him earlier in the week and his directed me back to the task-at-hand. Just when I was losing steam. Whew! Good save...

Today? I booked myself 'a day'. I am tending to that-which-makes-me-feel-good. Hair and feet. And errands. I thought I may try and squeeze in a movie but I'm not so sure now. I want to get back to this Book Project so that at the end of tomorrow I have a decent First Draft to start distributing to dad's brothers.

In my quest for answers to the questions that my uncle's email prompted, I found an eleven page document of a conversation with my uncles that I transcribed, that has not made its way into The Book. I also found little bits and snatches of information in other sources that added a little piece that was missing to our story.

In replying to my uncle's email, I found the enthusiasm that has been slowly waning over the course of the week. Just when I needed it the most.

I suppose yesterday had to unfold in the manner that it did, to set the stage for the days ahead. It just feels like I wasted a day though ...

My days are going to fly by too quickly now. This has been the holiday of my dreams, thus far. I don't want that bubble to burst.

I have things to do and places to be. I will turn on the employee and mother and daughter and friend hat for the last six days of my vacation. I kind of enjoyed being without a hat this week. And after I get my hair done, it will be too 'pretty' to wear one. For at least a few more days...

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