Saturday, July 20, 2013

Holiday Make Over

I slept in. I have puttered. I am having (yet another) cup of coffee. I have a loosely defined agenda today. There are things that I must do. Groceries that must be bought. But right now? I am simply going with the flow of the day and letting it take me where ever I need to go.

I am on vacation. Sort of. I have some work to do, but (for the most part) I will be complete that-which-needs-to-be-done by supper time tomorrow night. Then I will (more officially) be on vacation. From everything.

July 22nd until July 30th are 'my' days. Ahhh ...

I have a doctor's appointment to tend to one of those days. I have booked myself a spa day. Not really a day. Just 'hair' and 'feet'. I am going to let myself go wherever the day takes me after that. Other than that? I have seven completely and totally uncommitted days.

I have an agenda. I am going no further than my newly made-over toy room. And I simply could not be happier.

I have turned this:

 into this:

I have designated work spaces ... and a place to sit back take a break at the end of a long day (or change sitting positions):

I have a room with a door. And that ... is my holiday destination. I cannot wait until I arrive!!

Yes ... a small holiday makeover for the toy room will fulfil  my need to get away. Instead? I will shut the door.

A mini makeover for me will fulfil that which needs a little bit of filling up. 

I'm (almost) on vacation. And I'm lovin' every minute of it.

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