Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Good to Be Home

Be it ever so humble ... I'm so glad to be back!

I almost extended my 'vacation' by a day. I made a phone call that could have made this day go either way but I'm glad that it went the way that it did. I needed to come back 'home'. Today.

Even though my vacation was only seven steps away from the main living area of the house ...

Even though I didn't sequester myself as completely and entirely as I had planned ...

Even though I (unfortunately) didn't completely unplug myself from the world around me ...

Even though I had some days where I didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped to do ...

Even though none of that happened, I attained my goal. A first draft of my dad's family's story is in the hands of (or in the mail to) my uncles.

It is rough, raw and needs so very, very much editing, culling and pulling the story together. But for now? It is the voices of five brothers, their wives, their children, their nephews and nieces, their old friends and neighbors. It is full of stories and memories. Light moments, realities, reflections, the serious and the frivolous. For now ... it is enough.

I will continue to hone this book and tame it down into a novella that people can wade through at their leisure. It will take time. But that is okay. Because it will get done. I have 'built' myself a semi-private oasis with a door.

It includes a closet (also with a door) with enough shelf space to store my research. Everything I need to resume this project is only five steps away (I'm relocated in the middle of the house instead of the far end. Oh well).

My holidays will now take on a life of their own. I must work tomorrow. I hope to squeeze in an appointment before we leave for Mom's on Wednesday. Mom & I have tentative plans to visit my cousin one day and my brother (and family) another day. My Youngest and I have plans for two days. I will get to see my friend. Then we will come home.

We will come home and my holidays will be over when I open my eyes the next morning.

So tonight ... I put the toy room back to its original splendor.

Playpens and cots are reassembled, with clean sheets and blankets are at the ready. The toy cupboard has been reshuffled with a new variety of toys for the kids when they return. I'm ready to go. But most of all? I am more than ready to resume life-as-I-know-it. I've missed this ...

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