Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lessons From Our New Cat

Our New Cat has been with us for almost two months now and we have come to appreciate him and all that he has brought into our home.

On the off chance that he brought worms along with him, both cats received an intensive and thorough de-worming treatment. Perhaps it was for naught because our New Cat's stomach troubles didn't dissipate after the process. But ... our Old Cat's appetite returned with a vengeance a few days after the treatment was complete. Is it related? We will never know. But in my mind, there seems to be some correlation.

Our new, younger (4-year-old) cat has made us see how our older (13-year-old) cat has slowed down. We knew this before but it was a bitter pill to swallow as the contrast between the two cats reminded us of how far our older cat has grown. But ...

... we think that our older cat has rediscovered some of his kitten-like ways as he jogs around the house in Cat Chases and has honed his old wrestling skills. He's got moves that amaze and astound us. It does a cat good to have young friends. You are as young as you feel. And I think our older cat is feeling a lot younger these days.

It is nice to have a friend at your side. One that 'speaks' your language. Someone that understands your culture and your shared genealogy. Though the dialect may differ, there is still comfort finding a friend at your side.

Our older cat appears to be perking up in the company of this younger cat. There has been a quiet acceptance (resignation) of the fate that has befallen him. He seems content in knowing that he is King Cat and never fails to remind his junior partner-in-cathood.

We have all learned a lot from our New Cat:
  • Let those around you know what you want 
  • Accept what is offered graciously
  • Lean in to life and savor all that you receive
  • Never let a closed door stop you from pursuing what you want
  • Doors open more graciously when you make your wishes known ... then await the opportunity when it presents itself
  • Be wary of those you don't know and have not yet earned your trust (steal their earplugs on a regular basis and turn them into cat-toys and that mutual trust may become more and more elusive)
  • Trust that those who love you, must do things they wish they didn't have to do (sorry about all of that medication!!)
  • Respect your elders (those who have been around longer than you appreciate the submissive moves that let them know you know who is really in charge)
  • Wrestling is all in fun, but it teaches you what you need to know in case of conflict
  • Good things come in cellophane packages with zip-lock closures!
  • Everyone loves the sweet caress of someone who is working their way into your heart
  • And last of all? Two cats can be better than one ... even when one is more than enough!

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