Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The words are stuck today (I think it is the heat), so I am going to set my fingers free to let them say what they want to say. Sometimes they surprise me. Today? I'm not so sure.

Oh ... the heat! Where is the outdoor thermostat please? I don't enjoy extreme weather (who does??), but given a choice I would never choose 'hot'.

If you are cold, you can find ways to warm yourself up. But overheating? It is dangerous and it is not easy to cool down once you are overheated. I saw my mom's ankles at the end of a long, hot day of sitting, enduring the weather and travelling. It was scary. She blamed the heat.

I took my daycare family out to the mall for a 'field trip'. We spent two hours out of the house. It took twenty minutes to walk there. Twenty minutes to walk back. The kids got to sit back and ride in the stroller so they weren't adding to their body heat by expending any extra energy. I packed water and kept them hydrated. I slathered on sunscreen. I did everything that I could think to do ... but I was worried about the heat.

Extreme heat brings on extreme consequences. Tornadoes. Thunderstorms ...

A friend's tree was struck by lightening and it came crashing down on her house. My friend lives in the same neighborhood as Mom. I called Mom to see how she fared during the thunderstorm. She didn't hear a thing. She was simply grateful that it had cooled off during the night and she was busy letting all the cool air into her house.

Mom lives five hours away from here. We often get their weather a day later. I must admit that I am liking the idea of cooling off.

Today? I am grateful for air conditioning. We are going to soak up the cool air within and breathe easy. And hope that some cooler air blows this way soon ...

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