Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Purrfect Moment

Man, did I wake up on the wrong side of the world this morning.

I had absolutely no desire to wake up and greet this day. I have an agenda this weekend (I despise weekends with an agenda) and I didn't accomplish anything productive last night.

Oh, I did turn on the dishwasher and tossed in a load of laundry. All that meant to me this morning was that there were dirty dishes in the sink, clean dishes to be put away and a load of laundry to be folded and put away.

Add to that, the fact that I must leave the house today. So I had to stop by the bathroom mirror and try to outline my facial features so it looks like I have eyes, eyebrows and a bit of color in my cheeks.

I had no desire to leave my room this morning so I did the unthinkable. I walked away from an unmade bed. Which meant that I had to return to that job on top of everything else that I found to do on my way to breakfast.

I crossed those irritating little items off of my to-do list as I made my way to the kitchen and I just felt the grump in me erupting. "I just want to stay home and not talk to a soul today ..."

I was making up my daycare beds and found myself in my makeshift 'Hotel Oasis' - a room with a desk and a door. Immediately, I was taken back to my wonder-filled memories of only one month ago. My Hotel Oasis within our home. Quiet. Solitude. Peace ...

I want to go back there.

I am working at my bookkeeping job all this weekend. Our fence project is finally going to begin today. It should be complete by Tuesday. I have an appointment on Wednesday night. I have offered to work on Thursday night at my bookkeeping job. Mom is coming Friday night. We have a fun and company filled weekend to take us through the upcoming long weekend.

I am looking longingly at the month of September and begging it to stay empty.

I want to book myself into my little room-with-a-door for another weekend. I want to find the peace that enveloped my holiday and wrap myself in it again.

I found myself within the article "23 Signs You're Secretly an Introvert" - "You start to shut down after you’ve been active for too long. Do you start to get tired and unresponsive after you've been out and about for too long? It's likely because you’re trying to conserve energy. Everything introverts do in the outside world causes them to expend energy, after which they'll need to go back and replenish their stores in a quiet environment, says Dembling. Short of a quiet place to go, many introverts will resort to zoning out." ** 

I'm shutting down. I just need to find myself a little piece of quiet within a hectic week ahead. It will be just fine. 

I just snuggled up with our Senior Cat and convinced him to stay with me a moment. He fought me for a second or two and then succumbed to my wishes. He curled up on my shoulder and purred into my ear. He licked my face and then my ear and purred louder and more persistently. I felt my entire body relax with the hypnotic steadiness of his purr. I think we communicated a non-verbal message to each other. We are not alone in this world (or house) and for this very moment in time? All is purrfect in our little world.

P.S. I got an early morning call from my bookkeeping boss. She told me "Do not come to work until I call you back. We don't have any power out here. It's been out for hours ..." That was just as stress-relieving as having our cat purr into my ear.

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