Friday, August 23, 2013

He's in Very Good Hands

We have the best vet in the world for our little cat family ...

I just got off the phone with our vet once again. This is the second time that she called to check up on Andre (our Senior Cat) since his office visit eight days ago. After Junior Cat de-worming medication was finished (several weeks ago) she called to check on his progress as well.

I'm certain that she called long after their office closed tonight. Even with that, she did not rush our conversation. She asked questions. She provided me with more information. I had more questions. It was not a short call. And at no time did I feel that she was rushing me through the conversation, nor did I feel that she was simply doing a job.

As our conversation progressed, I made a comment to the effect that I was unsure what symptoms were simply 'old age' and what was caused by Andre's current state of health. Her answer? "Old age is not a disease. When there are symptoms, there are underlying issues..."

As soon as she said the words, I was suddenly back in my mom's doctor's office with my sister. Several years ago, we felt that we had to fight to get Mom's doctors to look for the underlying cause of her symptoms. The feeling that we were getting was that she was old. And this is to be expected.

Old age is not a disease! Did you hear that, Doctor? These words of wisdom came from our cat's doctor!

I complimented our Cat Doctor for her astuteness and willingness to look at the cat behind the symptoms and give him the best opportunity to fight the good fight. I also thanked her for her follow-up calls.

What doctors do that? What service providers of any kind provide such personalized follow-up?

I'm still quite concerned about our Little Black Cat. He's better but he is not bouncing back as much as I wish he was. What concerns me most is that he will not snuggle up and relax in my arms the way he always has. He isn't purring. He is wrestling with our Young Cat but it is with the same technique that my uncles described their brother (who had asthma) and how he wrestled with them as a child. He was quick and efficient with his moves because he only had so much wind in him. As I watched Andre tonight, my uncle's voices rang in my ear and I thought "asthma ..."

Minutes later, that very uncle called me. One of his first questions was about Andre. He has gotten to know Andre quite well via my story telling and meeting him when he stayed with us a few years back. My uncle is an animal lover and his empathy carried right through the phone lines and it felt like he was right here in our living room.

I'm concerned about our Little Black Kitty but I know that he is in good hands. I could not be happier with the care and doctoring that he is receiving.

I wonder how many people wish they could say the same ....

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