Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just Another Ordinary Day

I woke up before the alarm this morning. I was in a semi-conscious state as I mapped out the day ahead of me. It is going to be a good day. I could feel it coming.

I made my bed and opened the door. Junior Cat laid in wait outside of my bedroom door. Senior Cat was at the other end of the hallway, poised in a position where he could keep his eye on the household, Junior Cat and my waking moments. Ahhh ... to be greeted first thing in the morning by two cats who know you, your routine and appreciate whatever bit of love you have to spare. I live a good life where life greets me in the morning and doesn't expect a lot from me.

I went through the paces of readying myself for the day.

I found an email in my inbox from a friend. I responded. I read the blogs that replenish me. I filled my coffee cup for the second time. Then I opened the blinds and welcomed the day. I am ready for this day and whatever it has to offer. I don't feel like this every morning. It tends to make me appreciate the days when I do (which have been plentiful lately).

I am awaiting a day that I assume will unfold pretty much according to plan.

Life can change in an instant but I live such an ordinary and predictable life, that I am not filled with anxiety nor do I live in fear of the unexpected. There have been times when I woke up with the feeling of a fist in my chest. Anxiety levels were high. I know the difference between then and now. I choose now. I wake up feeling an enormous amount of peace in my heart and soul.

Today holds promise of a visit with an out of town guest..

My uncle has decided to take me up on my offer to borrow my spare car (who would have ever guessed that I would have a spare car at my disposal?? Certainly not me!) during his visit back 'home'. His flight comes in around noon and I will have the pleasure of seeing him at the beginning and at the end of his holiday. It makes me think that I am being totally self serving in offering him a car. He is my dad's brother and has encouraged me every step of the way as I collected memories from their family to put together in the form of a book. I very much look forward to seeing him.

Today is going to be just another regular, ordinary day. With a twist.

Today I can anticipate the specialness of the day that has yet to unfold. Any other day holds endless possibilities which may or may not present themselves. The thing is, that if you look for it you can often find a small bit of wonder within any ordinary day.

Yesterday, my day began with my two year old daycare charge walking in the door saying my name. Over and over repeatedly. I was touched. I was even more amused when I realized that she was not saying my name. It turns out in her newly developing vocabulary "Colleen" and "coloring" sound pretty much the same. She wasn't saying my name after all! An unexpected smile ...

Yesterday, I chatted with a friend that I haven't spoken with for more months than I can remember. She is a breath of fresh air and sunshine every single time we speak. It doesn't matter how serious the topics are that we speak of, she speaks with love and passion and empathy which oozes out of her very being. She has had many challenges thrown her way and she comes out fighting and smiling and spreading goodness to those that she touches. We spoke of serious things yesterday, yet I was left feeling uplifted and inspired. What a gift ...

This morning started with an email that I received from another friend. A friend that most likely didn't have the time, energy or inclination to write. But she did. I've been worried about her and she took the time out of her very hectic life to send off a few words. I am gifted by friends that think more of others than they do themselves (perhaps more than they should?). Her words put my mind at rest but instilled a calmness and determination to keep in touch. Life gets too busy and keeping in touch becomes harder than it should be. And it shouldn't. This morning's gift was the realization that a few words can make a difference. It instilled my belief that if you are thinking of someone, you should follow through and let them know.

The days are filled with small blessings. We may need a magnifying glass some of those days but if you look hard enough you can often find a pebble of goodness within an avalanche of challenges.

May you find a nugget of pleasure to carry you through the day. Or better yet, offer a little of yourself to create that very same pleasure in the life of another. It is a double sided coin. It feels just as good (or better) to give than receive ...

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