Monday, August 12, 2013

Just a Regular, Ordinary Weekend

It was a regular, ordinary weekend. Perhaps a little too much on the regular side but I appreciated it none-the-less.

Ordinary feels good after life has been shaken up a bit. Regular is a little on the predictable side but I enjoy knowing what to expect.

I ran errands. I relaxed. I worked. Pretty bland in the whole scheme of things. But I enjoyed every moment.

I should have accomplished more. But I accomplished enough. I will settle for 'enough' this week.

I spoke only to a handful of people. Perhaps less than a handful if I count only the people who live outside of our home. But I didn't have much to offer. I was not full of words or passion or anything worth sharing with the outside world. Three people were ... enough.

We revelled in our World of Cats within our home. I love the way our cats bring My Youngest and I together. We often sit on the floor with them and just watch their antics. I swear that our Junior Cat's mission in life is to make us laugh. I am equally certain that our Senior Cat enjoys playing on our guilt. Our Senior Cat snuggled up on me while I was lazing the hours away on the couch. And it felt good. It felt oh-so-good.

I seem to have less and less words sitting on the tip of my fingertips. I used to have a handful of people that I would email on a Saturday morning. This weekend? I responded to one email. I initiated another. But I didn't have an excess of words or thoughts. I hate when that happens. It seems to occur when I do not spend enough time sitting quietly with my own thoughts. In other words? I turned on the TV.

The TV invaded my weekend. It felt good at the time. Very good. I got caught up on a lot of sleep. And a lot of cat-love. But when I wake up on a Monday morning and realize just how little I nurtured my inner self when I plunked myself down in front of that television set, I'm a little disappointed in myself.

Sometimes we need a little down-time. My holiday was wonderful in every way. It felt good ... really good to get back to my job and life-as-I-know it. But sometimes ... just sometimes a person needs a little bit of dead space to replenish their resources.

TV does that to me. It deadens my spirit, my passion, my creativity and my soul. If I do only one thing this week, I should turn off the television. I think that I could be amazed at what I could accomplish if I did this one small thing.

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