Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Vacation Haze is Lifting

The grass doesn't stop growing just because you don't look at it. The weeds don't stop reproducing simply because you pick them. Once. Neither the grass nor the weeds stop inching up along the fence, garage and sandbox due to your lack of time to trim them. Believe me. I know these things. Because all of the above was boldly glaring in my face the minute I looked up out of my Vacation Haze yesterday.

I vaguely remember the words 'trim grass' on a list that I made for myself in the days before we left on our vacation. I vividly remember deciding that a spur of the moment trip to have coffee with My Sister took priority. And the motion sickness that followed that little trip put me (a little bit) out of commission the next morning. Moving slowly and steadily towards my (eventual) goal of getting ourselves to our holiday destination that day was much more important than a shaggy looking yard.

I hired someone to spray the yard for weeds. Unfortunately that didn't happen soon enough. The weeds look like they have been taking steroids. They are muscling their way through the grass and taking over the lawn. I see no sign of weakening. Perhaps it rained too soon after the lawn was treated. Maybe the weeds were to tall for the weed killer to reach the roots. I believe that those weeds are singing in harmony to the tune of "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger"!

My Son did mow the lawn before we left on vacation (the day before we left). Add on the day after we got home and that equals seven days. How dare the lawn grow so much in one week! I was on vacation. Why couldn't the grass take a week off too?

My dreams of coming home and cleaning up my Book Project one-chapter-at-a-time at a rate of one-chapter-per-day is laughable. Life takes over. The lawn isn't the only thing that gets away on you when you aren't looking.

I am quickly realizing exactly why this Book Project has been put on a back shelf for so long. Life is time consuming. Little things fit into the cracks of the day and fill it up.

I wouldn't have it any other way ...

P.S. Now, if only my new hair cut would grow as fast as the lawn. Man! It's short. Really short. Maybe if I stand out in the sunshine and the rain and withstand all of the elements that nature throws my way, I'll need another haircut and trim in a week. And grey-spray too. The grey hairs are taking over my hair like the weeds are taking over the lawn.

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