Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things Gone Bad Sometimes Turn Out For the Best

Yesterday was a day that did not (to put it lightly) go according to plan. Amazingly ... I believe that the day was enhanced due to the bumps and bruises earned along the way.

First on the non-agenda was an unexpected trip to the vet.

Our Senior Cat has been on antibiotics for his pneumonia for almost two weeks. His vet asked me to check in with her yesterday so that we could decide the best course of action for him. She highly advised keeping him on the antibiotics for a while longer because they appear to be making a difference. Since he is not back to his pre-pneumonia-self, she wanted to continue the treatment.

It is stressful to make your cat swallow a pill every twelve hours. I felt bad for him. He was becoming a master at finding ways to manoeuvre his tongue and spit it out and he started to pretend he swallowed it on a few occasions (and for all I know, he held it under his tongue and expelled it when I wasn't looking). So I asked if there was any way we could reduce his stress caused by this. She suggested taking him in for a shot that would equate to two weeks of antibiotics.

We turned this little task into a fun little adventure out of necessity. I have to work tonight (the only night their office is open  late) so we had to find a way to get him into the office during the day. I was taking care of only one child yesterday, so we eventually came up with the plan to take the double stroller. Room for two to ride! This was inspired by our memory of our Senior Cat in his kitten days:

We opted to skip the bonnet and we didn't strap him into the stroller but he managed just fine. I think that he had some pleasant flashbacks of the days when the kids used him as a live 'doll'.

This unexpected little task turned into a fun little adventure. But we wouldn't reap the full rewards until about twelve hours later.

He voluntarily came up and snuggled with My Son in the middle of the afternoon. And he purred. Loudly. We have had to convince and cajole with him to snuggle &/or purr. He did this on his own. It was a glorious moment. 

As the evening progressed (and progressed far later than anticipated due to the fact that we brought out old photo albums in search of the above picture from our archives), there was some cat wrestling. Later on there were a few cat chases. More time elapsed and there was more wrestling. Our Senior Cat  has not had such a spurt of energy in ages. 

We could see and feel such a vast difference in him within such a short period of this miracle drug being administered. I hope that the effects are long lasting and get him to a point where his body can take over and fight his own battles. 

This was the best gift that our day  had to offer.

I suppose the Fence Fiasco will make for a very good story one day. It sort of felt like a battle of "Us" against "Them". We didn't declare war and we didn't want to fight. They did. So they threw in the towel and walked off the job. 

There are more details to the story but the important part is that my Second Son got a Second Opinion and he was right to question how the job was being done. One should not be able to jiggle one fence post on a fence that is 110 feet long and actually see the the ripple effect the entire length of the fence. 

Then there was the bed bug scare. That was the tipping point of the day. If the bug that I had found had been deemed a bed bug, I was going to wave a white flag and give up. Thankfully life was done doling out the 'hard stuff' for one day and the verdict was ruled in our favor.

At the end of a very, very long day we simply sat in the middle of the living room and enjoyed our cats at play. Everything was all right in the world. Our 'cat came back'. At least for a day.

Some days are here to test us, teach us lessons, provide examples of what-not-to-do and how-not-to-treat people. Thankfully those very same days are often sprinkled with enough good stuff to carry you through.

It was an off day. But it didn't throw us off the good track. 


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