Saturday, August 3, 2013

This is the Life

We are on the last leg of The Best Vacation Ever (at least in my books) ...

Can I say this just one more time? This holiday has been absolutely everything that I needed. It is now winding down to a close.

The only downfall? I'm losing steam. My mom quietly sat back and watched me fall asleep in my chair while 'we' were talking this morning. I felt myself drifting. I fought it. I fought it hard. The next thing I knew, my head fell forward and woke me up.

When My Youngest & I arrived at our hotel this afternoon, I was beyond exhausted.

We have been without an Internet connection for three days and My Son had a backlog of YouTube videos to watch. While he did that, I did a little 'catching up' of my own. I woke up two hours later.

We then headed off to check things out, have supper, do a little preliminary planning for tomorrow and we went to see a movie. And I stayed awake for it!!

We have settled into for the night. It is quiet. We are each caught up in our own little on-line world at the moment. It is simply ... nice.

I'm revelling in the quiet that I feel simply by breathing in the same air as My Son. Tomorrow is a new day. We will fill it with words, activity, food and entertainment. But tonight? I just want to sleep....

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