Monday, September 16, 2013

Not Enough, Too Much ... or is it Just Enough?

Not enough time.  That feels like the story of my life right now.

When I returned home from my nine-hour-day of work on Saturday, I came home to find that outside chores had been tended in my absence. The kitchen was full of the aroma and sense of busyness that comes from someone baking. The house felt full and busy.

Within that-which-is-full, comes obligation. Our Senior Cat was waiting to be fed. Junior Cat was wandering around the house with a watering, half-closed, sore looking eye. My Youngest was hovering in the background (sort of) waiting for an offer of supper.

I had dirty laundry awaiting me. Cat litter to be tended. A full dishwasher. Why in the world do I feel the need to add that?! I have a machine that does all of the work for me and all I have to do is turn it on. And I call that work? Washing clothes is basically the same thing. The only part of that entire job that is work, is putting everything away once it is clean.

I tended that (and those) that needed to be tended and I couldn't get to bed soon enough. The day was just a little bit too full. But it was followed by Sunday which made everything okay in my world.

A morning of tending to me. An afternoon that had a holiday-like quality to it as My Youngest and I spent six hours in the hub of our city. My Youngest participated in a fund raising activity, I absorbed the inspiration that surrounded the event, then went off on my own for an hour before we met up for lunch and a movie.

Once again it was a day where six hours were spent out of the house but the house was calm and relatively empty upon our arrival back home. Other than our ever-needy Senior Cat wanting some supper, no one needed a piece of me.

It was heavenly to return to a home where there were no demands placed upon me.

As I reflected to the overwhelmed feeling that I felt on Saturday when I had too much to do, not enough time and feeling torn by work and obligations, I quickly looked at the opposite end of that spectrum.

How would I feel if I returned to an empty home? A home where the onus of responsibility was (once again) 100% mine. A home where the phone didn't ring or life didn't demand enough from me. A home that wasn't full of responsibility and interaction. What if I didn't have an excuse to leave my home in the first place?

I will endeavor to enjoy what I have while I have it. One never knows what tomorrow brings and though we think we know what we want ... what we need is very often not what we expect it to be.

Enjoy your 'today'!

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