Friday, September 20, 2013

Prep Work for the Big Reunion

Preparations for my weekend getaway are under way. Tomorrow is the day of my 35th high school reunion. I have been having a love/hate reaction with this event.

When I received the invitation I was intrigued by the idea of going. As I immersed myself in my high school yearbook and found an on line site where fellow-graduates had made their mark, I found myself getting excited. The feelings were so strong that I made my decision. I was going to go.

That was three months ago.

Last week I had convinced myself that by not going, I would save myself time and money. I had already booked myself 'off' from the world. No one would be expecting a thing from me. I could go and find a quiet place in the house and just reconvene with my quiet side. This was sounding better by the moment.

Then I talked with a friend that will be going. She (re)convinced me that I should go. I quickly remembered that deep sense of knowing I wanted to attend this event (all those months ago). I was convinced. I would go as planned.

As the date crept closer I did nothing to prepare myself for this event. There has been no extra-curricular primping going on. Other than my ultra-ultra-short haircut growing out (and the roots in need of a touch up, right along with it) I have done nothing to enhance my normal look.

Then came yesterday. What to do? What to do??

I started by collecting some photos. I read the memo about bringing photos but did not reread it before I had put together a collage of photos that showcased the highlights of my life-so-far. There is nothing like going through old memories to take you out of the spot you are in.

As I assembled My Life on one sheet of paper, I must say that I was happy with what I saw. My family, my work, my home and my passions are all wrapped up together in one place. And it looks good. It looks very good.

It was a very healthy exercise for me at a time when darkness was overtaking the sun in my days. Collecting memories and a highlight reel of my life helped me focus on the goals I achieved verses the mountains I have yet to climb.

It is better to focus on who you are verses who you are not. What you have verses what is lacking. What you have done verses that which has been abandoned.

Try to assemble the highlight reel of your own life. I think you will be happy with what you see when you put it all together in one small spot.

P.S. Upon rereading 'the memo', it clearly states to bring family photos to display at the family booth. Whoops! Although my family contained within my photo collage, it is really more all-about-me than it is all-about-family. Apparently I have become quite self absorbed over the course of these 35 years since high school ...

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