Thursday, October 3, 2013

Did You Ever ...

Have you ever had one of those dreams where someone is chasing you and you are fearing for your life and you try to scream. And absolutely nothing comes out?!??

I had another 'one of those dreams' the other night. I knew within my dream state that I was dreaming because when I went to scream, it worked! I was so impressed and relieved. Finally ... I could call out for help and be heard!

At that precise moment, I woke up and my throat hurt from screaming. So I grabbed a cough drop and went back to sleep.

I would have never thought of this dream again, if I hadn't stumbled across the cough drop wrapper on my night table the next morning.

I laughed to myself when I remembered 'the scream' in my dream and I vividly recalled my sore throat that was not in my imagination. It hurt. It really hurt.

Then I wondered ... did I scream out loud?

If I did, no one in the house came to my rescue. It is no wonder that I have dreams where I can't call for help (I have recurring '911' dreams where I dial 911 and no one is there).

The message is clear. "You are on your own, girl!" Face it. And carry on ....

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