Sunday, October 27, 2013

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

A person attracts a lot of attention when you have two children in a double stroller. A lady came up to me and knowingly said, "Double the trouble ... double the pleasure" and I wholeheartedly agreed with her.

Watching the two little one-year-old girls (in my daycare) interact with each other this past week has been a delight. Except when it has not. Kids can be so nasty. I think that (sometimes) they do what they do just to make the other guy cry. But then they turn around a minute later and natter away with each other like two little ladies, with their conversation generously seasoned with "Thank you", "Excuse me", "You're welcome". Definitely double the pleasure.

Our double cat scenario is another case in point. I have never, ever ... in my entire life of 'parenting' cats ... ever gotten to know my vet and her supporting staff so well. Double the vet bills, double the worries. On the other hand, we sit down and enjoy their antics for undetermined stretches of time on a daily basis. These cats bring our family together, entertain & amuse us and are most definitely a part of our family unit. They are truly double the fun.

Then there is the issue of my dual car status at the moment. I have never, ever had a dilemma like this before. I have two very reliable, low mileage cars in great condition. I laugh to myself as I decide which car to use. One has frost on the windows? I'll take the one in the garage. Grabbed the wrong set of keys? Oh well, I'll go where ever my keys guide me. Screw in the tire of one? I'll take the other. This is where the fun ended. I took the other car and the 'check oil' light lit up. I checked the oil. It was low. And dirty. And it was time for an oil change. Where was my other car? Oh ya, it had a screw in the tire. Suddenly my big joke of taking 'the other car' blew up in my face. I need a road-worthy vehicle for an out-of-town trip next weekend. And I have two cars in need of some TLC. Suddenly these vehicles were double the trouble.

Last but not least is my dual (or is it triple?) employment status. Daycare provider by day; bookkeeper by weekend; writer whenever I can fit it into my brain space. I have become very conditioned to want my work responsibilities to fall between the days of Monday to Friday. I realize how fortunate that I am to have an opportunity land at my feet where I can gain bookkeeping/accounting experience after hours. This experience could prove to be very valuable one day (not to mention the fact that I actually get paid to do this). But it is not easy. A decade ago, I managed my responsibilities a little more efficiently. My juggling skills are getting rusty. Even though double the employers can (not quite) double the income ... the price feels too high to pay. Double the work? Takes 'double' the time.

Then there are my friends and family. They equalize all that life deals out. As long as 'all of the above' is balanced with a good dose of all that sustains me, there is energy and an ability to cope with whatever comes my way.

"Shared joy is a double joy shared sorrow is half a sorrow." 
~ Swedish proverb

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