Monday, October 21, 2013

Three Days Verses Two Days

A three day weekend of perfection was just followed a two day weekend of busy-ness.

Three days of quiet, solitude and productivity verses two days full of work, people and out-of-house excursions.

Three days of living life at a slow but steady pace that was relaxing verses two days of making every moment count.

Three days where I kept most of my words to myself verses two days of vocalizing my every thought.

I came home at the end of my weekend yesterday. I threw frozen pizza in the oven and called it supper. I could not wait to retreat to the room that is in the most remote corner of the house and close the door. Then I fell asleep.

It was not yet 7:30.

I got up and went to bed. I'm sure I was asleep before 8 p.m. ... and I slept soundly through the night. Then I stayed in bed an extra half hour this morning to watch 'Income Property'.

It was a very excellent weekend.

I had a great chat with my mom. I went out with my Youngest Son. I had breakfast with a friend. I took a short road trip and had 'coffee' with my sister. I came home and the phone started ringing. I talked into the night.

I worked yesterday. It was quiet. It was productive. I got paid to be there. But I was not at home.

A weekend that pulls me out of the comfort zone of our home exhausts me. I am stepping into this new week feeling completely opposite of the way I felt at the onset of last week.

I wonder how this week will play out. What difference does a weekend make?

What will become of me after next weekend? I have already committed myself to work two out of two days. Followed by working the following Wednesday evening to do payroll. Which will be followed by another weekend which precedes a long weekend so I will probably be working one of those days as well. Working outside of my home on evenings/weekends four days out of eight does not make me anticipate my weekends...

Weekends tire me out these days. I'm struggling to find the right balance but it is hard with weekend employment. I am grateful for the opportunity to earn an extra pay cheque. More than that, I appreciate being taken under the wing of someone who knows so much and is giving me the opportunity to learn and grow.

Money is not everything. It is all about having a good balance of work, play, family and friends. But I must be vigilant in keeping my future options open and my job skills honed and marketable.

Thank goodness there is another three day weekend on the horizon...

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