Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Beautiful Family Filled Christmasy Kind of Day

I awoke this morning with a happy, contented heart.

I wandered down the hallway in the dark and went straight to the Christmas lights. I plugged in my external source of happy and padded on with my morning.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and settled in front of the computer. Everything that I needed was at my fingertips.

I sent off a few emails. I made a plan and a promise and I set sail in a direction of intent. I am giving my first gifts of the season.

I made a phone call that was set in motion by an early morning dream the other day. It was the right thing to do. I had no idea what I could do or say but by the end of the conversation I think I found one small thing that I could offer. Nothing much. But something.

My heart is feeling happy and full. Jeffery Straker's music has been the soundtrack of my day. His musicality, voice and lyrics make me feel light and happy.

I have played with my Family Book Project. I have not done anything new. But I have done something.

Creative gift ideas are starting to come to me. Nothing is blazing forward in a brazen and obvious way but I am hopeful that opening myself up to a quiet, light, easy and breezy day will allow my thoughts to flow and take me where I need to go.

This still may not be the Christmas That Stands Out From the Rest ... but I will work with what I have and be content with the results.

I really have very little to say but I did want to share this 'piece of happy' that carried me through the day. Take a minute to watch and listen to this:

If you enjoyed that, go to his website ( and press the "Play" button on the top, left hand corner of the screen. Plug in some Christmas lights, follow the desires of your heart ... and you have replicated my day.

This is the best I can do to give you the gift of this perfectly blissful day.

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