Monday, November 25, 2013

A Fresh Slate

A fresh slate is set out before me today. A new week. A new day. A new beginning. A fresh start. Waking up in the morning gives a person the chance to be courageous and try it all over again.

I hope that my weekend was a good investment in time and money. 

I spent a small fortune on a gating system that (I hope) will keep my new little one-year-old daycare imp out of mischief. He simply doesn't do 'no'. Three weeks and he is still touching that which is off limits and heads off into the kitchen whenever he wishes.

Today I can barricade him from the kitchen, the TV, the printer and the front door. I hope this buys me just a little bit of piece of mind. Because I really could use those moments spent on retrieving him from the no-go-zones so that I can hover over my new little four-year-old.

She is a sweet little girl and as long as I have my eyes on her, she is harmless. Sure, I have had to repeat the "No grabbing", "Hands off" and "No means no" rules many times but for the most part she seems to be respecting the rules we have around here. Until I turn my back. I walk back into the room and she is sitting on a two-year-old. No one is being hurt. No one is crying. It simply shouldn't happen.

I have a house full of little people who seem to have adopted the credo "If she isn't looking, we can do whatever we want to do". This belief is spreading faster than the common cold.

I have brought up a new selection of toys for the new week. Toys that don't require a great deal of energy when it comes time to clean up toys. I bought a few new educational toys which I will bring out one-week-at-a-time. I purchased some new games for our LeapPad.

The cold weather has broke and we should be able to get back outside. This is big. This is really big! I can't wait to bundle up these little packages of energy and let them run wild in the back yard. This is exactly when they decide that it is fun to stand beside the fence. 

I have moved things around in the kitchen a little bit to allow room for our 'kitchen gate' to swing and to easily bring in another high chair as things evolve even more within the next few months.

I reorganized the spare room so that there is more than a pathway from the bedroom door to the playpen. My new families have brought their own set of supplies for me to keep on hand and I hadn't found new homes for them. The bed was strewn with miscellaneous items of all kinds. 

I tended to many small housekeeping items this past weekend and the time that was left over was spent shopping and 'investing' in my daycare business.

I hope all of this buys me a little bit of a reprieve this week. The adjustments have been just a small bit overwhelming.

I just got word that one of 'my kids' won't be coming to daycare today. This will be followed by another that will be gone from Tuesday to Friday. This equates to a little bit of breathing space as we continue to adapt and adjust to our two new little ones. 

Today is going to be a good day. I can feel it in the air. I spent my energy (and my money) where it needed to be spent this past weekend. I know it was a good investment. New gates, new toys, new games, new strategies and a renewed sense of energy. 

I'm ready, world. Now I can open my blinds and unlock the door and know that I'm ready for whatever the day has in store.

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