Friday, November 15, 2013

"Are You Really Trying to Bug Me??"

Man! The little things are bugging me this week.

I could write a litany of all that is getting under my skin. The list is growing by the minute. What in the world is going on here? Is 'the world' really trying to annoy me? Or ... is it me??

I look at each and every little petty annoyance. None of it is new. Or different. Or bigger. Or anything out of what has become our ordinary.

I'm simply not rolling with the punches right now.

I'm in a state of transition as my work load has doubled during the day and (seemingly) doubled on the weekend as well. Add to that, the fact that I actually have friends that I would like to spend time with and a family that I would enjoy talking with ... and I am a little bit of a hot mess.

My little daycare family sees the best that I have to give. My patience levels have grown to levels I have never seen or felt within myself. Ever. But this seems to have come at a price.

If I don't get that little piece of quiet in the middle of my Daycare Day, I start to unravel. Slowly at first. Then all of a sudden ... POOF!! It is gone.

There are minor mini explosions as I let some of the pressure release. Then I quickly rein it back in and carry on.

My work day ends and I am depleted.

Then there is more to be done. I beg the phone not to ring. I don't check emails obsessively. I rarely dial out and reach someone...

There!! That is it! I found what has been missing this week ...

I have a friend that lives in a parallel universe of mine. It does not matter what in the world either one of us is going through ... we talk.

She has a daycare in her home as well, so we have become a little bit of a life line to each other. We talk of the inane, the important, life, kids, relationships and every little thing in between.

Each of us have the demands of our respective Daycare Families that take precedence over our conversation. But we have the sustenance of our our friendship that carries us through whatever is going on in our worlds. We talk openly about the little stuff that adds up (the big stuff too) and it never fails. We always (and I stress always) end up hearing on the other end of the (life) line, "You feel that way too??"

We each relieve a little tension with this open and honest friendship. And it has been missing this week. I think I know who I  need to call.

Maybe the whole world isn't out to ruin my day after all.

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