Friday, November 29, 2013


My nightmare had taken me to the edge of where my imagination dared to go. It was at this point that my conscious mind told my subconscious mind that enough was enough. I knew I was in a dream so I was yelling at myself, "Wake up! Wake up!! Open your eyes!!"

My eyes wouldn't open. My conscious mind was so confused. I was certain that I was dreaming but I couldn't get myself out of the situation I was in. I was locked in my dream state for what felt like an eternity. It was probably ten seconds.

Finally, finally my eyes opened with a jolt. And what playing in the background of my nightmare? An episode of "Supernatural" (this is my best guess according to my fully conscious deducing abilities this morning). Eerie music was playing which was definitely the back drop to the nightmare that I just escaped.

I had fallen asleep to the music on the Much Music channel instead of my usual go-to-sleep channel (the Home & Garden Network). The Home & Garden network never ever gives me nightmares.

Once I was safe, back in the land of home and gardening adventures I fell back to sleep and drifted into a dream state that nestled me straight into the middle of Family.

I dreamt of my uncle and his family. I dreamt that it was a vision of my cousin's wife that I followed. She was without a voice but she walked in front of me and led me to where I most needed to be.

In my dream, everyone-that-mattered surrounded my uncle and his family. There was little that anyone could physically do for them. All that mattered is that they were there.

So many subconscious thoughts led me to that dream. There was a thread of a story within the dream. The story-of-my-uncle was intertwined within one object that was carried forward through the storyline of his life.

One of my cousins contacted me yesterday about gathering memories for yet another uncle. I have an uncommitted weekend in my forecast. My dream has guided me to reach out to an uncle's family. I think I know what I must do.

Do you know what the moral of this story is? "Supernatural" led me back to my own "Home & Garden" ... was it only a dream? Or is there a deeper meaning to all of this?

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