Friday, November 15, 2013

The Cat is Mocking Me!

I admit it. I'm lagging behind. Taking care of two more children during the day has doubled my workload, tripled my impatience and quadrupled my exhaustion. I can't keep up with everything if I still want to log the sleep that (I think) I need to do it all over again the next day.

And our cat is mocking me.

I woke up yesterday morning to Junior Cat playing a rousing game of kitchen-floor hockey with an Alpha Bit that was abandoned on the floor from snack time (the day prior). "Mr. Fussy Cat ... I didn't sweep the floor after snack yesterday. I thought it was much more important to leave you a puck to practise your paw-handling skills (he looked like a cat version of Wayne Gretzky)." Personally, I was pretty impressed. Five children and all he could find was one Alpha Bit?!! Yay, team!! Way'd eat your snack all nice and neat! (I must have found and picked up the rest).

Then ... the same 'Wayne Gretzky-in-training-cat' started attacking the carpet like he was chasing an invisible rodent. Run! Hunker down and grab onto the carpet! Attack it! Chase it some more!! I went to investigate what Junior Cat was chasing. It was a strand of carpet. "No, Mr. Fussy Pants ... I didn't have time to vacuum yesterday. I meant to. Honest! But I like to give the snow a chance to evaporate before I vacuum it up and destroy (yet another) vacuum cleaner. I meant to. I simply forgot to remember to do it later!" More likely than not, our cat was probably the one responsible for the stray carpet strand to start with. And he mocks me for not vacuuming?! The audacity ...

As if this wasn't enough, Mr. Fuss Budget had to bring the mud in, from the back mat and start playing hockey with it as well (he lost the Alpha Bit beside the dishwasher and I wasn't telling him where it was). "No ... no ... no!! I didn't vacuum the back mat either! Besides, that is not even my dirt. Why should I have to clean it??" Yes, I was becoming child-like and petty. He was hurting my feelings as he was playing with all of the dirt that he seems to think he needed to bring to my attention.

If our Senior Cat was more playful, I don't think Junior Cat would need to dig up the dirt around here to have something to play with.

It is sad in a funny sort of way.

Junior Cat has stopped nuzzling his Superior, in an invitation to wrestle. He must have gotten his ears bitten one too many times. Now, he nuzzles the scruff of Senior Cat's neck and races past in the hopes of initiating a game of tag. Then he will pretend to want to bite Senior Cat's tail and race off. "Come on! Come and chase me!! Let's play tag!!!" Senior Cat is nonplussed about all of Junior's antics. He doesn't get mad. He just lets it roll off his back.

I think our Senior Cat is hurting. He doesn't complain. But he doesn't move very quickly either. My heart aches to see this gradual decline. And Junior Cat is throwing his health and vitality in my face by playing with all of our dirt. Double whammy.

I'm grateful for our two black kitties. I think if anyone could spark Senior Cat's energy and enthusiasm, it is Junior. And Junior is trying. He is trying to show Senior how fun life is when you simply play with whatever you find at hand and turn it into a sport.

Then again? Perhaps Junior is trying to trick me into doing the housework around here. Sad to say ... it worked.

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