Sunday, November 10, 2013

This ... Is What a Cat Day Looks Like

I am taking a station break from Cat Day Morning #2, to illustrate what Cat Day #1 looked (and felt) like:

Our Junior Cat looks on and supervises my 'Cat Day' ... DVD player (watching a Gilmore Girls episode of course)+ coffee + one black cat = Serenity
Computer at the ready + writing pad + (unseen by the camera's eye) Pringles + Twizzlers + (of course) an episode of the Gilmore Girls = Over the Moon
Junior Cat takes a more hands-off approach at supervising my cat day (or perhaps he is demonstrating that I should stretch out and really relax)
This ... is a cat at his finest. Junior Cat has taken it upon himself to snuggle up in the privacy and seclusion of my bedroom (and he is taking a lesson from me - it looks like he can't fall asleep without the background of the TV either)
Today is a new day. I have been enjoying the luxury of another Cat Morning. There isn't too much to write about as I live the life-of-a-cat but I will try to be more introspective today and see what I come up with tomorrow.

In the mean time, My Youngest and I have a plan:
  1. He will back Car #1 out of the driveway and park it on the street.
  2. He will assist me in tightening the bolts on Car #2's newly fixed tire.
  3. We will both look at the puzzle which is: how to fit the jack and tire iron back into the trunk in a manner that will allow us to re-fasten the 'floor' of the trunk.
  4. He will drive us down town and park the car ...
  5. ... so that we can go and see the new 'Thor' movie.
Whew! It's going to be a busy day. I hope that I am up to it. And the best part is ... that there is still one more day of nothing-in-particular on the agenda.

I'm loving this Cat's Life!

Happy Sunday!!

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