Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Most Untraditional Christmas

This may be the most different Christmas of all time.

I woke up this morning and (kept this year's new tradition alive) wrapped up/created some gifts for my Youngest Son. He mentioned two things that he wanted for Christmas. One of them is a chair. He expects so little ... but I know in his heart of hearts, that he must want to be surprised with something.

My Youngest realized late in the afternoon yesterday, that he hadn't done any Christmas shopping. As luck would have it, my last daycare charge was picked up with just enough time for us to run out to do a little shopping. Unfortunately My Son didn't pick a store where I could find some last minute item for him (thus my creativity this morning).

I had to run and pick something up at another store and went back to find My Son a while later. He was walking up and down the aisles empty handed. I suggested we go to another store but he was fine with sticking with where we were. So we wandered together.

I am a natterer. I suggested this, that and the other thing. Nothing. Finally I suggested starting out by finding a basket or container of some sort and then just fill it up. We looked at containers. Nothing. He suggested finding 'stuff' then coming back to the containers when we knew what size we needed. And we were off.

What he came up with was unique, special and 99% practical. He shopped for his Middle Brother's family (we are going out to his new Little House on the Prairie for a Boxing Day meal tomorrow). There is a little something for everyone within the wire garbage container that he found.

We picked up some supper, came home and watched "The Life of Pi" together. My Son assembled his gifts and wrapped them up and that was (pretty much) our Christmas Eve.

I was moments away from going to bed when My Oldest called from his vacation destination (he is in the Philippines). He was enjoying his Christmas morning, just as we were winding down our Christmas Eve.

I had talked to my Middle Son in the middle of the day, as I checked in on him (I realized that he was completely isolated out on his farm because his girlfriend was taking their truck to go and visit her family for four days). I offered him a car if he wanted it but he declined. He said that he was very much enjoying the idea of not being able to 'leave their ranch' and was sitting back and watching a movie when I called.

Three children. One is halfway across the world enjoying his annual Christmas/New Year vacation. The second has sequestered himself on his farm and is isolated from the world (as isolated as one can be these days - he does still have a cell phone and somewhat reliable reception). My third son is still snoozing this Christmas morning away. We really don't have any festive Christmas plans ... so why not sleep and go where the day takes him?

Mom was going to come here for Christmas but was much more content to stay close to home with winter weather driving conditions being so variable. She had invitations for a Christmas Eve/Christmas morning sleepover at My Brother's. Another invitation for Christmas supper at My Nephew's home.

Christmas at My Brother's family's home is idyllic in my books. It feels so very tranquil, yet festive and happy within their home at any time of the year. But Christmas time is extra special. Mom will be wrapped up in Christmas-my-brother's-family's-style, and it will be good. She will then be chauffeured to My Nephew's home where she will eat like a King Queen. Or have the opportunity to do so (Mom eats more like a bird). She will not go home hungry (or lacking of stories to tell) ...

Everyone is exactly where they want to be this year ... with one sad exception.

My uncle was admitted into palliative care yesterday. I woke up in the middle of the night and my thoughts were with his family. They will all be together this Christmas ... but I am sure that they would trade that in a heart beat if it meant that their dad/husband/grandpa was healthy and at home.

Christmas happens no matter where in the world you may be. If we are were we want to be by choice, there is no better place. As quiet and untraditional as this Christmas may be for me, there is absolutely no where else in the world that I would rather be. And I am so very grateful for that.

Happy Christmas to You. No matter where you may be ...

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