Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Special Angel

On December 13, 2009 I wrote the words "Last night, I spent an evening with two of my earthly angels ..."

I reflected on 'my favorite story of the year' being one of hearing how an angel unaware touched the life of another. A brief exchange made such an effect, that small act of kindness was remembered and recounted decades later.

Last night I went back into the archives of this blog to find the words unconsciously came to my fingertips as I wrote about a man who unknowingly touched my life and made a profound difference.

His niece is a dear friend of mine and she has talked of 'the story beyond the story' that I know (I helped this family assemble their family memories so I had the honor and privilege to hear their stories first hand, from those that lived the memories).

Her uncle is a kind and gentle man. He opened up his heart and told stories that touched me. I related to his highly sensitive sensitivity gene and I felt that our lives were meant to collide.

Anita Moorjani's words came to mind ~ "The Universe is like a beautiful tapestry and we are all threads in that tapestry. We can't see each individual thread but together it creates a work of beauty. Our lives are our own little tapestry that is part of the One, the Universe."

Sometimes we struggle to know if we have made a difference ... what imprint have we have made on this earth we will one day leave behind. As I heard my friend speak of her uncle's need to know that his life made a difference, I could not help but think of the thread that is 'him' that is woven into my life so very intricately. The individual thread that is his life is woven into the tapestry all of the lives he has touched.

As I continued to search my blog for stories that I wrote about 'angels unaware', I found these words that I wrote in August, 2012. Long before I heard Anita Moorjani speak of this exact same phenomenon:

When little coincidences bring me together with someone that my dad could be 'co-existing' with in a world that is not my own ... I often wonder if he could be watching over me and guiding me to a place I need to be. When I end up in a place where someone else's parent could be watching over them in the same manner ... I wonder. Are these little miracles are bigger than they appear?

When you feel an overwhelming urge to reach out to someone ... do it. You never know, you may have an angel on your shoulder guiding you to exactly where you need to be. For yourself and for the other party ...

I picked up the phone yesterday morning and that conversation led me to 'exactly where I needed to be' last night.

I visited my friend as she visited with her uncle (my own personal Angel Unaware) last night. I woke up this morning knowing that I had to acknowledge this most special evening and write of the man that will never fully understand the impact he has made in my life.

Last night, I spent an evening with two of my earthly angels ...

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