Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy Monday ... I Survived Another Weekend

I made it through my working weekend.

I was sleeping soundly by 8:00 p.m. both nights and had absolutely no extra-curricular life whatsoever. No Christmas cards written, no phone calls made or received and I barely spoke to My Youngest (but I did stay up past 7:30 last night to complete a conversation that we started).

I was aided and abetted through this Arctic Winter Weekend with the assistance of my Second Son. Lucky for me (not so lucky for him perhaps?), he (and his girlfriend) had planned on working on their farm all weekend (which is about a half hour past my place-of-work). So rather than starting up two vehicles, headed in the same direction in near -50 weather, I hitched a ride with them. It worked like a charm (at least for me it did).

It meant that my work hours were defined by someone other than myself or my boss. Seven hours on Saturday. Eight hours on Sunday. Pretty close to full-time employment. I should be rich ... (trust me, money is not everything!!).

It was a successful weekend for My Son & His Girlfriend. They were eager to share pictures of their accomplishments with me on the way home. I knew it was a mistake. I looked down. In the back seat of a moving vehicle. For no more than five minutes. But it was a bad decision...

I thought I was okay. Until we got  home. I just wanted to go to bed.

No matter what is going on, I always tend to my two basic needs. Food and sleep. I am not deprived in either of these. I had to smile when I read these words "Remember, when you are hungry and sleep-deprived, it is a meltdown waiting to happen" in a Mountain Wings issue entitled "Your Tantrums". Unbeknownst to the reader, he was writing about how to deal with a toddler's behaviour. But it speaks to many.

Life is busy. It is a fact of life. At a bare minimum, ensure you are adequately fed and rested. And I really liked this advice too: "It helps to take a nap during the day".

The older I get, the more child-like I become. Every day when I lay my Little People down for a nap, I tell them "You don't know how lucky you are ...". Oh, to have someone dictate my needs and schedule time for a nap into my day. It is little wonder that I am having a tough time with the "NO nap" ruling from one of my parents. She has destroyed my life with those two words. The fact that I have not heeded her orders is of little consolation because the 'joy factor' of un-guilty pleasure has been stolen from me.

Five more working days until the weekend. A one-day weekend. But I will take it.

Happy Monday to All! (and to all ... a good nap).

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