Friday, December 13, 2013


Yesterday was a day of 'high output'. I spent a lot of my words talking. To adults. Throughout the 'quiet time' of our Daycare Morning and all evening. I talked.

This morning ... I read. Quietly. Alone. I found inspiration at every turn.

Glennon at wrote of the lesson she learned at the end of a very hard year (click here: "The Music is Louder Than the Crying").

Chrissy at "Life With Greyson and Parker" reminded me that the lessons we have to about perspective (click here: "Great Unexpectations").

Anna over at "An Inch of Gray" sent me over to read this post about the Christmas Story as you have never heard it.

I can't top that. I can't even comment because these writers say it so eloquently and tie it all up at the end with a neat little bow.

I'm just breathing in the morning. Follow the links on this page to take you on the journey that I have travelled this morning.

Tomorrow ... I am going to 'exhale'.

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