Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Been a Little Too Serious Around Here Lately ...

A light and easy moment that made me laugh out loud this morning:

My Youngest Son woke up early this morning with a dream nightmare fresh on his mind ...

Him: "I was mad at you (for some reason ...) while we were driving. I undid my seat belt and started getting out of the car. You stopped and let me out ... and I'm not quite sure what happened next but you ended up getting arrested for something (I'm not sure what)."

Me: (thinking) He is frustrated and angry with me under his cool, calm exterior after all. This is all going to blow one of these days ...

Him: (a few minutes later, as the dream started flashing back a little clearer) "Oh ya, now I remember why I was so mad at you. We needed a wheelchair for my younger sibling ... and you bought a vacuum cleaner instead!"

He never did remember why I was arrested. A vacuuming and driving incident perhaps?

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