Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's Not Only Kids That Wish For Christmas Every Day ...

I'm beginning to see why I don't make plans. 'Life' has a way of happening when you aren't looking and it is simply more important to be able to go with the flow of things and see where it takes you.

The whole 'Christmas' thing has not been sitting well with me this year. There is simply so much sadness, illness and 'life' happening to those that touch my world. I can't help but internalize some of the emotions and simply want to be quiet this season.

My gifts are quite literally being made and wrapped up as I am running out the door (or someone is knocking on it). I have never, ever procrastinated to this extent. On the flip side, doing 'what feels right' in the moment is still working for me. I am simply missing out on the pleasure of having time to breathe, in between the time of conception-of-an-idea, to the actual 'gifting' of said idea.

I am writing cards on the run. I still have a list of cards that I had hoped to send. Things aren't getting done until they get done.

Yet ... I simply don't care.

An illness in the family trumps everything. Illness that touches a friend is a very close runner up. I simply don't want to be acting 'busy' with trivial matters when real-life issues step up to the plate.

My heart is hurting.

It is last Christmas all over again. A different family. But the pain of loss is in the air. I asked what I could do and no one had any answers. So ... I simply showed up. And listened.

By listening, I knew what I could do. It is nothing. But it is something. And it is ever-so-much more important than finishing off the trivial Christmas-list-of-things-to-do.

It is no wonder these details-that-are-Christmas weren't taking priority this year. It isn't important. Kind gestures, gifts of giving, writing and goodwill are important twelve months of the year. To me, 'Christmas' should not be different than any other time.

My heart aches for those whose pain, sorrow and suffering is amplified at this time of year. The Christmas season should not make people's emotions feel amplified. Good or bad.

Live like it is Christmas time 365 days of the year and you will have no regrets. Give when the spirit moves you. Send a card for no reason what so ever. Pick up the phone and call someone you are thinking about. Make plans to celebrate absolutely nothing. Gather family and friends when the opportunity arises. Live out loud. Love generously. Live a life that makes Christmas feel like just another day ... because you celebrate the gift of life, family, friends, giving, sharing and caring every month of the year.

If you get some extra time off because of all of the holidays at this time of year? Follow where your heart takes you. Give yourself the gift of happiness whenever the door opens to you.

'Life' happens 365 days of the year. It doesn't care what date it is. "Life is what happens when you are making other plans." Don't get so wrapped up in the planning that you forget to enjoy the small moments that you find each and every day.

Ask any child and they will tell you that they wish it was Christmas every day. Perhaps they are the ones who have got this thing figured out.

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