Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Twas a Week Before Christmas

'Twas a week before Christmas
when I looked through the house
Nary a gift has been bought
and I feel like a louse.

The stockings were all stuffed 
in a box by my bed
If they notice I'll tell them, 
"We'll wear them instead!"

My children have wrestled 
with the loss of their dreams
"Our mother's The Grinch"
they agree, so it seems.

When out in the kitchen 
I heard such a clatter
I ran in to ask my son
"What is the matter?"

"You won't cook a turkey,
Grandma's coming, you know!
It's all up to me now
You've sunk mighty low."

I squirmed and I stewed 
and I felt kind of bad
But that bird is so life-like
it's all kind of sad.

"I'll cook the potatoes!
I'll whip up some dressing!!
We'll fix it all up
and we'll count all our blessings!"

My son shook his head
and turned with a jerk.
"Mom's not only a Grinch ...
she's a real piece of work!"

I went to my room 
and hid under the covers
"Don't call 'til it's over
and please feed your brothers."

He cooked and he puttered
and it smelled kind of tasty
So I peeked out my head 
and said, "I was hasty".

"I can still help you out -
I will wash all the dishes"
He said that would be fine
if I gave him three wishes.

I nodded my head
and I quivered in fear.
"What do you ask for?"
(what would I hear?).

"I wish you were happy
in spite of yourself.
Take your lead from the big guy
Santa, himself. 

He helps and he smiles,
his work makes him happy.
Now get over yourself
Stop being so sappy!"

Wish number two 
is to simply take part -
just do what I do
and cook from your heart.

Picture it now - 
we are all at the table.
It is not fiction, 
a tale or a fable.

This is our family - 
we are in this together.
For better or worse
Wherever, whenever.

Wish number three
is to get up and get moving.
You still have a week left
Now get up and get grooving.

All hope is not lost
There's a little time left
There's no need 
to just sit here and act all bereft.

It isn't over yet
I'm wasting my time
Sitting here thinking of
words that will rhyme.

I better get busy now
there is no time to waste
One more sentence to go
I will write it in haste.

I shouted with glee
as I wrote off this night,
"Happy Christmas to All ...
and to all a Good Night".

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