Friday, January 10, 2014

Inspiration from the Status Updates Within Facebook

Did you ever have a day where suddenly little things came into sharp focus? A day when ah-ha moments were found here, there and everywhere? A day when suddenly you can see a path that may lead to better results?

The first thing I found was this message on Facebook:

Such a simple concept, yet when I applied this idea to a challenge within my little daycare family a light bulb went on. I need to be a better me in order to bring out the best in my little people. As I have been revelling in my two new little one-year-olds that have recently joined our family, I have caught myself thinking "I just want to take care of one-year-olds! They are so fresh, new and innocent ..."

It is a much bigger challenge to learn to understand and deal with older ages and stages that have been influenced by the world around them. I have not been doing well in that department. Not at all. I am really struggling with one behaviour which so disruptive and it is getting worse instead of better. What if that child was replaced with someone who was even a bigger challenge? A better me will attract better behaviour. That is a much better place to start.

Then I read the words "I am hard core struggling in the parenting department right now. Particularly with one child..." within a blog post that I had found via Facebook (of course). More words to ponder and a new perspective verses my banging-my-head-against-the-wall approach.

I have been aching to return to the 'me' that I was when I was chasing dreams, running out to Zumba and Bellyfit classes and fearless in that-which-I-wanted-to-try. I found the thought "I just want to be like I was four years ago ..." chiming through my mind. Then I read this "You are changing, day by day. You will not go back to being your 'old self.' Instead, you are growing into a new self. Perhaps you aren't even sure who you are becoming..." (another Facebook message from "Transcending Loss - Understanding the lifelong impact of grief).

Then this morning, I found a post from a blog writer who has often inspired me. "Making Room for Happy", by Erica Orloff. She asks the question "Tell me what makes YOU happy". And those are the words that are setting the stage for me this morning.

Little bits and bytes from around the Internet are finding their way into my consciousness. Something is finally getting through. I read words of inspiration every single day but sometimes it is too much. Or too soon. Or just too hard to think. Yesterday something opened up within me so that I could soak up the goodness of the day.

Oh, and I discovered a secret to do with Penaten diaper cream and Aveeno Vanilla & Lavendar baby lotion but that is for another day. I must now open my blinds and welcome whatever my Daycare Day has to bring.

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